Mega M is an experienced, customer service-driven company composed of a skilled team comprising electronic processing sales, support and service. If it has to do with accepting any form of non-cash payment, we have a solution for our clients. Our goal is to form strategic processing partnerships with our target clients, which includes such intangibles as a shared vision, client education, reliability, and relentless customer service.

Mega M has developed key relationships with numerous vendors that provide access to multiple product lines targeting our optimal clients. Mega M has a successfully driven, full service in-house staff team in place servicing all sales, support and marketing needs, as well as independent partners nationwide. We deliver some of the most superior technology across the United States of America to thousands of businesses. Mega M is a national provider of both traditional and next-generation payment processing solutions. These payment solutions provide invaluable services that enable the processing of credit and debit cards, electronic benefit transfers, check conversions, gift and loyalty transactions, as well as ATM and Payment-Kiosk placements.

Our business solutions are custom-tailored for each and every target market that we serve. Mega M maintains the highest level of standards all across the board, including, but not limited to technology, financial and strategic relationships with business institutions throughout the US and worldwide.

Mega M is always looking for qualified sales partners. We have one of the most competitive agent programs in the merchant processing industry. Through our processing bank partners, we have the ability to offer cutting-edge payment processing solutions. Through our distribution partners, you will be able to provide solutions for credit card processing, debit card processing, gift cards, cash advance programs, check processing, mobile processing, ACH recurring payments, Point-of-Sale packages, and eCommerce solutions. As a Mega M authorized sales partner you will have an unlimited income opportunity. Earn upfront income!

• Sign Up Bonus (up to $3,000.00)
• Merchant Activation (up to $400.00)
• Merchant Conversion (up to $1,500.00)
• ATM Placement, Sale
• Payment Kiosk Placement, Sale
• Cash Advance Funding
• Setup Fees
• Leasing & Financing
• Earn Lifetime Monthly Residual Income

• Merchant Processing
• ATM Processing
• Payment Kiosk Processing
• Check Processing
• ACH Recurring Payments
• Gift & Loyalty Cards
• Free Statement Analysis Service (we will do the heavy lifting for you)
• Experienced agent support and mentoring
• Free Sales Training
• Full Color Marketing Material

• Full Suite of Products to sell
• Guaranteed Residuals
• Upfront Bonus and commissions
• Extremely Competitive Pricing
• Multiple Processing Platforms
• Advance towards up-front income and residual income, Free Terminal Program
• Free Terminal Program
• Simple merchant underwriting and boarding
• Comprehensive back office solution
• Exit strategy